Standard installation of Fransat is supplied with one set top box connected to a single TV. However many of our customers want access to their French TV channels in more than one room. We offer a multitude of packages to meet any requirement.

Watching different channels in multiple rooms

For each room you want to view different channels in will require a dedicated set top box. However multiple set top boxes can be served from just one satellite dish. Additional set top boxes are supplied a discounted prices. Additional set top box installations will invariably incur extra costs.

Watching the same channels in different rooms.

If you only ever want to watch one channel at a time at your property but may want to do this on different TV’s then this may be the option for you. If you already have a home distribution system you can almost certainly add Fransat to your existing system at minimal cost.

If you do not already have this in place we can offer tailored solutions for your individual needs. We offer both analogue (Standard Definition) and HDMI (High Definition) distribution options. Below are sample packages that may meet your requirements. The permutations of what you may require are endless so if you would like to discuss your individual needs please contact us for friendly, professional advice.